Chiefland Squirrel Removal

Experienced Gainesville squirrel trapping services , squirrel removal, squirrel proofing.

If you have soffit or fascia damaged on your home or it will need to be replaced inorder to get a good seal up of your home and make your home squirrel proofed and squirel tight. Anytime you leave a portion of your home open especially after you have already had a wild animal in your attic their pheromones will attract other species in addiiton to bat, birds, other rodents like mice, rats, flying squirrels, opossums, raccoons etc. Some of the critters crawl and gain access to your attic and other species like birds and flying squirrels simply fly in and gain access to your attic and can establish a squirrel nest for example or other species significant nesting area.

If you have a privacy fence that runs up against your home you have made a travel and transport sytem that makes it easy for squirrels, flying squirrels, pine squirrels, fox squirrels, raccoons, opossums, tree rats & field mice to enter your home becasue it is easier for them to crawl and access your attic.

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Privacy fences up against a home aid critters like squirrels just like a ladder would help you climb into an attic. Squirrels make better acrobats then we do too!

Another big reason for a squirrel problem in your home can be something as a rusted away or tore up vent that was never welded right in the first place. We inspect all of your vents and make sure your home is squirrel proofed and squirrel tight. An investment in updating some of your questionable vents or vent screens can save your home from a rodent invasion in the future.

I offer thorough inspections, and find small nooks and crannies left by the initial builders of your homes and something as small as a 3/8 inch access point can lead to thousands of dollars of repairs or cleanup after a home is soiled by bats or birds.

Having trouble sleeping because the noises in the attic sound like you have a whole zoo full of critters running around in your attic? We find it amazing that many folks may hear nosies in the attic but never sure if it's a mouse, pack of rats, colony of bats, den of squirrels or raccoons in their attic. We understand the quicker we can stop the nosies in your attic the quicker life goes back to normal and no more critters in the attic. regardless of what nosies you may have in your attic we can remove it, trap it, and prevent it from ever happening again.

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