How to Have Big Fun and Big Adventures with Your Kids

It's easy to give your children a fun, happy childhood filled with adventure and happy memories. It costs nothing, and it will give you a happier and better life too!

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Making your days and time with your kids fun is all in the attitude. Decide to have a fun attitude, and everything will be fun! Even misadventures can be sources of fun if you decide to look at them that way. Laugh at mishaps and tell the kids unexpected obstacles add to the adventure. Thats how they will see it!

Sense of adventure

When my kids we're little, we drove an old car prone to breaking down. I called running errands going on adventures , because we never knew when we'd have to call for help or get towed. I pretended getting towed was fun, so guess what? The kids thought getting towed was fun! Its all in the way you view things.


When you laugh together, the brain produces chemicals thatcreate happy feelings that become associated with your feelings for the other people sharing the laughter. It creates happy childhood memories for your kids and positive bonding experiences.


Kids love stories! Make some up! Get the kids in on it, too. They can make up really hysterical stuff. My own kids preferred to make me tell the stories, but I'd sometimes ask them to come up with what happened next?

When my son was little, I'd always make him out to be the hero in every story I told. He always helped someone or saved the day or beat up a bad guy. He was always important and smart and brave. He also loved the stories if I made them silly or ridiculous. He preferred me to tell stories in the car.

I made up stories for my daughter about a Magical Meadow. We pretended there was a magical land connected to us through a secret tunnel in her closet. It was inhabited by giggling, talking, friendly baby animals and sweet fairies that we're her friends. She always wanted stories of peaceful adventures in the Magical Meadow, like helping the fairies find a lost baby fairy, meeting a mermaid in a stream, or having picnics with bunnies and baskets of puppies. She preferred her stories at bedtime.

Fun and Imagination

Create fun if there isn't any already happening. In the middle of walking to the car or the park or the grocery store, grab your childrens hands tightly, and yell, Run! And actually run. Or skip. Its fun! Your kids will love it.

You can turn this into a game. Pretend to be spies. Be good guys. Be the bad guys. You can pretend that other people in the park or in the parking lot are after you. Hide from them until they pass by. Make up what other people are doing. If they are on their cell phones, they could be calling in reinforcements. Spark your children's imaginations! Creativity will benefit them for life.

My kids and I once let a whole pack of children play a game of pretend with us in the park. We pretended bad guys we're taking over the world, and only children we're immune to the mind control. They had to do a bunch of silly things like bury a pine cone and throw away trash (alien receptors) to turn off the mind control and free their parents and the world. Kids eat up this kind of thing! They want us to be involved in play.

You can make the most mundane things fun. Roll up the car windows, and tell your kids it's because you believe the baby in the car next to you just farted. Things like that will crack up little kids. The sillier you are, the more they will enjoy it.

Laughter and fun create a happier and better life. Its easy to be silly around little kids. Give your children the gift of a funnier and more adventurous childhood. Make awesome memories!

My own kids are older now, so I don't get to be quite as silly in public. It embarrasses them! But the other day when my teenage son and I both fell into step walking to the kitchen, he linked elbows with me, and we skipped there. He told me he liked having a mom who was fun to be with!


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